Saturday, October 6, 2012

(I am scanning some of the pages out of a book that my husband was sent
- it's a history of Trieste and his family who played an important part in its development. The book is 1 1/2" thick on the spine and the light got into the scanner so the pages posted here are not great. )

Odorico, who was not only an excellent naval builder, but a shrewd businessman as well, died in September 1799, leaving to his heirs considerable assets. The will contained also strict instructions to the four heirs not to ever sell their shares outside the family's circle, thus keeping the shipyard a private concern.

The shipyard's management was taken over by Giuseppe until his death in 1813 and became well known among the Adriatic and International dockyards achieving a special prominence on November 2, 1818 ( S.Giusto's Holiday) with the launching of the "Carolina",the first steam boat on the Adriatic Sea.

The Ship 'Carolina' leaving Trieste in 1822

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beej said...

Sabina,,my your husband's family really goes back a long.long time.
Thier presence in Trieset certainly made that part of Italy one of the richest people in all of the country.
Ship building certainly put Trieste
on the map.