Friday, October 5, 2012

to carry on the story about the shipyard:

It soon became obvious that the shipyard needed more land to expand and when Odorico obtained the Royal Consent a final and binding contract was signed on July 1789 and the shipyard, now named the 'New Shipyard' (generally known as the Panfilli Shipyard) started producing vessels, the first of which was ready in 1792/93. (the name Panfili, Pamphili was changed by Odorico to 'Panfilli'....). (to be continued in the morning)....My eyes are crossing right now from reading it.....


this is for our son who has always wanted to know more about Dad and his here you are, dear. (double click on images to enlarge or read it.)

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DogArtist said...

What a wonderful thing to put here in your blog! I hope he enjoys seeing it as much as the rest of us. Maybe when he is in, you can show the real thing to him. It is exciting!