Monday, October 1, 2012

a rose on my balcony
To lighten the mood of war and melancholic music, I wanted to post this single rose. Just a little touch of beauty on my balcony not long ago and now it's October and it will not be long before the days get shorter and it's time for a glass of wine in front of the fireplace and candlelight. I always thought that I love tea roses, or even an apricot color but nevertheless this is one of my favorite rose photos. It's just a rose but I like how the old iron tub behind it gives it a different look, almost heritage. (sorry if the photo looks 'messy' but I have a tendency to just shoot.) (double click on image to see it larger.)


DogArtist said...

I like your photo of this rose. All the way down to the drops! But why melancholy? Smile!
And I didn't see this yesterday...I even looked. trickery I tell ya. LOL.
Glad you posted Sabina!

Goshiki said...

Of course, the rose is beautiful; delicate and bold at the same time, but what I like most about your thoughts is the enjoyment you feel in the simple things. I truly believe that you can't be happy if it takes grand experiences. The simple things can be greeted with ease and comfort and still take your breath away.

Have a good one, dear Sabina.

beej said...

Sabina your beautiful RED ROSE just went straight to my heart,,I have always loved roses,
So you see we seem to like very similar beautys of nature.

Sabina said...

no, I was not feeling melancholic, hehe. The music is melancholic and is known to be so, obviously. The theme calls for it. But no, I am normally not melancholic. Sad over something but melancholy is not something I indulge in or would like as a state to be in. It's depressive!
I smile all the time......hence my laugh lines.....(if you look at my photo, haha.....)