Tuesday, September 11, 2012

to carry on with Italy, I decided to upload a few photos. I am hopeless with my camera but I am sure my children and husband will love to see them anyway.
Two views when approaching Trieste. I just love the rugged look and stark rocks that basically accompany you along the road.
Cafe degli Specchi
where you sit and take a break to enjoy life......
or you go shopping

you can almost eat off the streets


Goshiki said...

Love your travel photos, Sabina. Especially like the jagged cliffs against the deep blue sky. Then, like how you completed the story with the shots of the town. I would love to see the area for myself one day.

DogArtist said...

Wonderful! Yes - I have seen the one shot or two...perfect to post them here. Still wondering (or imagining) how you were able to capture that image without falling! Or how you even got that angle!!! LOL... Excellent posts my friend ;)

Sabina said...

you will see small areas along the road to make room for an ongoing car or reverse. Why on earth would you be falling off?