Saturday, September 22, 2012

this is really for my son who loves learning about our family history.

In 1749 the "Honourable Brotherhood of S.Nicolo", which had been running the main shipyard in Trieste since 1588, decided to offer the management of it to a professional builder from Rovigno, a town renowned from early times for its naval constructions and famous for having launched many small, fast vessels well suited for sailing in the Adriatic Sea and over its borders. The chosen shipbuilder was Iseppo Panfilo, son of Francesco Panfilo from Venice, born in 1698 in Venice, who accepted the offer and moved to Trieste at the beginning of 1750 with his son Odorico and is later joined by his wife and the other younger children Bortolo, Domenica and Giovanni Battista, my direct ancestor . Iseppo managed the shipyard till 1770 when he retired and was replaced by his son Odorico, who had worked with his father for the last twenty years as well as other able naval technicians.

What is very interesting is that the love of ships and ship building has remained and been passed down through the generations. So when my husband retired for the last time, he took ship building to a totally different level: he built wooden model ships.

Odorico's father Iseppo is my husband's grandfather






DogArtist said...

Beautiful ship! Love reading all of this...and it is funny because that was not Mario's occupation right? Just an interest that is quite cool.
Nice entry my friend :D

Sabina said...

oh no. No, it was not Mario's occupation. It's just a passion he has had but never had the time to pursue it until he retired. Thank you for your comment, dear friend.

Balinda said...

I am blown away at the amazing amount of detail and patience it took to create such a beautiful ship. Definitely an art.