Wednesday, September 12, 2012

no cars to be driven around here,
you keep fit and walk
Trieste, a Northern Italian border town,  dates back as a settlement to about 800 B.C. and  is geographically located near Slovenia and Croatia. Its roots go back to the Illyrians, an Indo-European race living in the northern part of the Balkans. It was colonized by Rome and became a fairly important military and shipping port during the Empire with its population largely mixed with Roman citizens. The area AROUND the city remained, and still is, predominantly Slavonic, whilst the population of the city itself is more Roman and Carnian ( Venetian-Gaulic origin.) After various vicissitudes in order to partially keep its freedom,  it became part of the Austrian duchy and remained Austrian almost without interruption for the next seven centuries (until 1918) and therefore the influence of the Middle European culture totally sets it apart from other Italians and particularly those of the Southern regions.
The difference between North and South is not based on religion since 95% of Italy and Slovenia is Roman Catholic but is based on a visible and clear difference of taste,
attire or costumes, dialects, origins, culture and of course physical looks.

My children know very little about Trieste - they were all still very small.

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DogArtist said...

LOL...I feel as if you are lecturing...hahahaaa....I know.
(I still believe religion has something to do with some of it - not all of course; too many wars prove that out - but again maybe I am talking about something completely different? It is very possible and I concede to that.) But no matter...I do like the photos. And I have noticed that yes, most people are more fit in cities - large ones at least here. You HAVE to walk!! Nice posts :D