Sunday, September 9, 2012

created by Sabina
Italy, or to be more precise, Northern Italy is my husband's homeland. I have lived in Italy and visited this country many times and each time I feel the same overpowering excitement when the plane touches soil....
I love the color of the Tuscan soil or the rocky texture of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. Our daughter's middle name is Giulianna and our family's roots are there. And even though a part of his family originates from the South, he will keep pointing out that he is Northern Italian and that the North is totally unlike the South, both in landscape, industry and population.

Art and beauty resides everywhere and I tend to take pictures that are very unlike the typical tourist shots - I like windows, doors or some old piece of wall...(the digital
page above was created with one of the photos below.

James Joyce, a famous poet
and writer walking towards
the Berlitz School
     Umberto Saba, a famous poet from Trieste as he is
 walking towards his bookstore, which is still there,
called Libreria Saba

My husband just told me with a big smile on his face that each morning on his way to school he would walk in front of  the Umberto Saba bookstore. The statue was put
there about twenty years ago.....

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DogArtist said...

Wonderful page! Excellent extractions too and I laugh at your comment...typical tourist? I guess that is the pose and shoot shot...LOL. I am not sure...but I take shots that are no where near typical!! (I am sure people think I am odd)

I love doors, walls, gates and windows and well, anything with lines! If YKWIM.
Thanks for sharing these!!