Sunday, September 2, 2012

Assembled: 18" W x 13" D x 24" H,
a small pre-fab and cheap though by
the time you finish with it, adding
real doors (you  need two) which
cost around $25 each) and perhaps a
few windows at $15 each, it is not
so cheap anymore......but it all really
depends on the age of the child.

 A long time favorite of Greenleaf's, the Arthur is a wonderful little house for thenew collector. Features include silk-screened windows, a quaint front porch, and four ample rooms. Gingerbread trim on ridge and roof make this cottage especially appealing. I filled in all the gaps and joints with polyfiller followed by two coats of paint and the last one with a stipple, so when finished it looks solid and not like a pre-fab at all.


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