Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Beginning of a New Day

The Beginning of a New Day (created by sabina)
I most certainly hope it will be a new day for me, a new start.......I am still battling various issues with shingles, and my newly added abscess on a molar, but the pain seems to be less this morning. Or maybe I don't notice it right now because lol and behold, we have been without power since yesterday morning. Not the entire building but just a certain parts of it. Mine of course was the part without. Why should I be so lucky and be the one with life on my side for once? (I found the quote online
and loved all i have to do is live by it!)


DogArtist said...

I do like the thought, or quote/saying/prayer - affirmation?
Thank you for sending me here!
(would have checked soon anyway!!)
I hope things go back "up" on all accounts. Definitely needed...
I actually wanted to say more in my post at my blog but....
Thanks Sabina! :)

CarolW said...

I am so proud of you, the posts to the blog are very interesting. I forgot about this and I am so glad I finally remembered. It seems that you haven't had too much trouble thinking of things to say but I just read a few of your entries, you are a peach.

Talk to you soon.
Your BFF, Carol