Friday, August 31, 2012

so today I finally told my son that I have a blog. I had been reluctant because well, because first of all he knows all about computers and security and just got his Masters degree in England....but I also hesitated because I felt unsure...
anyway, he just sent a short email with the following words:

"I LOVE IT! And yes, if you don't mind, I will likely follow it -- not that I follow blogs at all so I will have to see where it shows up (I presume my email inbox), but still -- how awesome is THAT!?!
My mom has a blog!!!!
And I had NO CLUE that Daddy was a track and field athlete! See, it is already useful!

Soooo how great is THAT? And yes,
I will remove this page, if you want me to. Of course. I just want to show off my handsome son!

2 comments: said...

Love, love what your son has written and he is a handsome lad!

DogArtist said...

Oh yay~~~
I think it is marvelous and darn tootin' he will like it. You are so proud of him and his adorable wife and kids!

I am so glad you told him!!
Keep up the good work my friend! <3