Thursday, August 30, 2012

I started studying and researching my family's history many years ago, to be exact somewhere around forty years ago. By then I had moved out of my birth country and was living overseas. There was no internet either, so everything had to be conducted in writing via snail mail, a very slow process and extremely time consuming. It developed into a passion and once the internet was available, there was no stopping me. I loved genealogy, studying the history and how my ancestors survived so many hundreds of years ago. Europe was always war torn and countries changed, acquired other parts of Europe and lost them. But my passion stayed and when I discovered digital scrapping, I was in heaven. I just finished my autobiography, my very last page and it's only one part of all the knowledge I have gathered. I have been encouraged along the way by some like minded friends, and artists who have pushed me along when the enthusiasm sometimes faded. Not only has some of my work been published in various magazines including Somerset Memories and Somerset Studio, but I have had an unbelievable 'fan' mail from friends that I need to list as an appendix in the next volume. I have kept some of it when it finally dawned on me that I would be indeed writing and here is one particular encouragement that I have kept in my 'box'.
"You are the storyteller - the keepers of the gate to your own family's rich and fascinating history, and a priceless legacy that is now yours to build upon and share with the generations to come." I just hope that I will be given the time to complete not just a simple family tree, which is already done with software and not a big deal, but the actual stories and histories that go along with ancestors that lived so long ago.


DogArtist said...

It's nice to see you showing your scrapbook pages here in your blog as well as at the scrap sites! I agree with you that the scrapping sites seem to be waning some. Maybe it is the season? (we always say that) Nevertheless I love digital scrapping and enjoy it so much when my pages are published too! It is just plain fun :D

And there are so many talented designers out there who offer scrappers all they need to put a page together; minus the photos and journaling!!
Love seeing these all again.
Just Excellent!

Sabina said...

I hope I won't make a habit of showing all my pages here in the blog. The intent of those pages was really to show my children some of the work I have done to illustrate the heritage book and the encouragement I had - not about scrapping.