Friday, August 31, 2012

so today I finally told my son that I have a blog. I had been reluctant because well, because first of all he knows all about computers and security and just got his Masters degree in England....but I also hesitated because I felt unsure...
anyway, he just sent a short email with the following words:

"I LOVE IT! And yes, if you don't mind, I will likely follow it -- not that I follow blogs at all so I will have to see where it shows up (I presume my email inbox), but still -- how awesome is THAT!?!
My mom has a blog!!!!
And I had NO CLUE that Daddy was a track and field athlete! See, it is already useful!

Soooo how great is THAT? And yes,
I will remove this page, if you want me to. Of course. I just want to show off my handsome son!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I started studying and researching my family's history many years ago, to be exact somewhere around forty years ago. By then I had moved out of my birth country and was living overseas. There was no internet either, so everything had to be conducted in writing via snail mail, a very slow process and extremely time consuming. It developed into a passion and once the internet was available, there was no stopping me. I loved genealogy, studying the history and how my ancestors survived so many hundreds of years ago. Europe was always war torn and countries changed, acquired other parts of Europe and lost them. But my passion stayed and when I discovered digital scrapping, I was in heaven. I just finished my autobiography, my very last page and it's only one part of all the knowledge I have gathered. I have been encouraged along the way by some like minded friends, and artists who have pushed me along when the enthusiasm sometimes faded. Not only has some of my work been published in various magazines including Somerset Memories and Somerset Studio, but I have had an unbelievable 'fan' mail from friends that I need to list as an appendix in the next volume. I have kept some of it when it finally dawned on me that I would be indeed writing and here is one particular encouragement that I have kept in my 'box'.
"You are the storyteller - the keepers of the gate to your own family's rich and fascinating history, and a priceless legacy that is now yours to build upon and share with the generations to come." I just hope that I will be given the time to complete not just a simple family tree, which is already done with software and not a big deal, but the actual stories and histories that go along with ancestors that lived so long ago.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

just a few of my nature pages


  Well, my regular email is back on its legs and working and it sure feels like a ray of   sunshine. I am a creature of habit in many ways and like everything to be in working  order and in its place - except for gardens. Now there I like freedom......I love gardens, especially when they are not manicured or tailored - I like English cottage gardens where plants look as if they have been there for years, and you just let them find their own space...Just growing naturally.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank you, thank you, dear sweet Laura........I am babysitting in Toronto but I had to check my blog to see if you are back in there. Sei un raggio di sole! Grazie.
I am so sad because I accidentally deleted Priss's blinkie and now I don't have any idea how to put it back. Please, Laura, come and fix it. Pleeeease! your loving friend Sabina. xoxoxox

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time and Passion

I have a keyring my husband gave to me many years ago in Iran. It's engraved not with his name or mine but with a quote by Omar Khayyam : your life is already predestined for you so no matter what course you chose, you cannot change the way it runs'...

Though some circumstances in our lives at the moment may seem fairly significant, we must realize that what is really going to matter are the things that are going to matter in ten to twenty years, or twenty to fifty years. Live it with passion because living a life without passion, and without hope for the future is not really living your life at all. Remember that the next minute, hour, and day are not promised to you, and may be taken from you at any time.
Never let anything or any person stop you from pursuing the things that you are truly passionate about pursuing.
(text on the page says:Time and timing has been an integral part of my life. The past, the present as the future, plans, dreams, contemplations, or even regrets - and realizing like a flash of lightening the FLIGHT of it all...TIME)

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am scared of heights !

I am scared of heights. Always have been and I think it all started with my Dad driving up those narrow winding roads in the Dolomites or the alps. Only those who have had the experience of driving on those roads at the top of a pass would know what I am talking about. The road might be so narrow that any oncoming car would have to wait till you have backed up into an 'escape' route but it would entail going backwards for at least 500 years or more.....the fear of heights has influenced me in chosing an apartment with the maximum of six floors up. Anyway, the other day I was in the Eaton Centre in Toronto and it really is a huge deal for me to go into one of those outside elevators. Fun for everyone except me - you are on the outside and can look all the way down into the various levels of the mall. I cling to the inside door or wall of the elevator avoiding to peek. OMG, no way. And yet strangely, I love flying. I have flown a Cessna all by myself from the Bahamas to Miami and never felt a twinge of fear. I love flying for eight hours across the Atlantic ocean without a second thought and even when the window next to my seat blew out, I felt mildly interested but not worried at all. Of course it really doesn't help getting stuck in an elevator which I lived through not very long ago shortly after one of my hip surgeries. Stuck for quite a while, the elevator company had to be called and of course they are from out of town. Fortunately my husband was with me but still....we were stuck and in between floors. People were shouting to us from various levels reassuring me that someone was on their way.... and here I am to tell the tale..... Chalk it up to another 'experience'.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

and then I sold it

created by sabina with Lorie davison's 'Prairie Gal'.

and there is always Hope

I can always hope for better or MORE....Here are my prize cherry tomatoes which I discovered by sheer accident. Clippers in hand, I was actually going to cut the plant down and throw it into the garbage can.....I stopped midway staring at the orange golden tone of one simple tiny little tomato. And I simply could not cut it. It will live its life out on the bush and maybe the two or three others will ripen and I can at least taste one. It goes to show that one should never give up no matter how bad things look. There is always hope.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


so I went for a French vanilla coffee yesterday and a biscuit. Came to $2.41......
I only had a $20 bill.....and then I found 50 cents. Gave it both to the girl. She stared....looked at the cash register, rubbed the coins together, held the banknote, stared some more and then she called the supervisor, and the dear girl stared the same way: vacant.
Then I lost it and took the 50 cents back, assuming from there on it would be easy. Not so. I had to figure it out for her.
Welcome to the tech world. Maybe it's time we start using our brains again.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can we have some privacy please ?

Can we have some privacy, please?
Do we still have privacy? I noticed three cameras in a small area in our parking garage just roughly the size of 10 x 10 ft....and it really makes you think about the dangers out there and how much is known about you. I love my privacy and only dish out what I feel is safe or what I want people to know. It really struck home when we first arrived in Canada. People ask you all sorts of questions which we found rather invasive or impolite (not to say ignorant) 'how much did you pay for the house'......or 'I love your handbag, how much was it?', where did you get it? I just look straight into their face and say 'I really cannot remember'.....which of course is silly because  we all usually remember how much we paid for  house......or the car.....
but it works.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

the miracle of life

just born
the artist is the receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web or from watching the birth of a beautiful foal. My grandchildren are blessed to have this opportunity and to be surrounded by family who truly appreciates nature. I know I would have been very moved watching this little creature being born
and getting up on its legs only minutes later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


talking about photos, I have been tempted to start taking shots of everyday things surrounding me in the city I live in....and I have already taken a few but all in good time. The purpose of this blog is that it provides an outlet for all my thoughts and ideas and intentions and having my friends jog along with me.
And believe me, I am bursting with good intentions and wanting to finish a project, but alas, time flies and one more day is done and something else is left UNFINISHED.

think positive

I have an incredible amount of photos, and I am more and more convinced that I will not be able to work with every single I am posting some here just for me to feel I have done something 'useful'. I have a 'thing' about windows, doors, odd shaped trees and old structures falling apart. It's like me, getting older and every now and then something goes wrong with my structure and I am reminded that I am falling apart....

Today I had my results back from various tests and it looks like I am good for another 20 years. Maybe I can finish another book, after all !

Saturday, August 11, 2012

one of the pages
that were published in a magazine called 'Somerset Memories'.....
I am still working on a heritage book of my family for the archives in Germany,
especially a small city called 'Duelmen' where I received great help in researching
my paternal roots. I started all this well over 40 years ago, albeit slowly because
in those days we did not have computers and everything was done by mail,
contacting museums, archives etc. And Germany is rather reluctant to take
genealogy seriously. I guess it goes back to when you had to prove that you
had no jewish blood in you. Grrrrrrr.

My ancestors Great Aunt Wilhelmine and Karl
(created by sabina 2011)

Friday, August 10, 2012

a sparrow.....a tiny little bird that has never been called beautiful nor is he known
for his song. He reminds me of simplicity and humility. Humble beginnings.
I started using him many years ago when customers were asking to have my work
signed. It really all started with one of those nice paper shopping bags with tissue
paper peeking out. Even the bags carried my Signature. Now I carry on the theme
with the little sparrow. If you look carefully, all of my pages have a tiny little sparrow
sitting somewhere. He is not part of the artwork but instead part of my signature. No shadow work on him but just blended into the work in an unobtrusive way. (I rarely forget to add him but when i do, I am usually reminded by one of my artist friends, lol.)
Lil's Seafood.....I had not seen her for many years but we used to go to dinner and lunch and drinks at her restaurant 'Astina's'. So my husband happens to go there yesterday looking for fish because after the extraction my mouth is still painful.
But she had sold out. So what did she do? cook a special plate for me and I was
reminded once again of kindness.
Thank you, dear Lil and thank you, M. for going to ask for it in the first place.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I feel like jumping up into the air and shouting but I have learnt not to take life for granted and that of course includes the various infections I have been pestered with. So finally yesterday my molar was removed, infection cleared, and even though last night was rather painful, I don't care. My left side of the face is swollen, but I am positive and also this will pass within a day or two or three - or four. But it's a step in the forward direction....
You all know that I have been on antibiotic for almost three years now and was also just taken off that too - soooooo,  when I woke up this morning it felt really rather odd. It was the first morning in a few years that I did not have to take my antibiotic. I am praying to my guardian angel to keep me from having to go back on it. No more infections, please.
In the meantime, thank you, Diane, for your help. I am following your advice and also my dear DIL's one down to the 't'......
I am so blessed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life is too short for negative drama and petty things. So laugh insanely, kiss deeply,
love truly and forgive quickly.......

easier said than done when you keep being punched in the stomach though over the years I found that forgiving or ignoring the unpleasant side of people or happenings is easier on the nerves and eventually you just plod along and smile......ACCEPT. It's one of my favorite words. Don't fight it, accept it, but what a cowardly way to walk through an entire life....I have definitely had it with accepting and will open my mouth
just to clear up a few things...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Beginning of a New Day

The Beginning of a New Day (created by sabina)
I most certainly hope it will be a new day for me, a new start.......I am still battling various issues with shingles, and my newly added abscess on a molar, but the pain seems to be less this morning. Or maybe I don't notice it right now because lol and behold, we have been without power since yesterday morning. Not the entire building but just a certain parts of it. Mine of course was the part without. Why should I be so lucky and be the one with life on my side for once? (I found the quote online
and loved all i have to do is live by it!)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

No greater is love....
my little granddaughter is showing a love for photography. She took this adorable photo a year ago. She is right now vacationing with her mum in Nassau, Bahamas and no
doubt enjoying the sea life there. Lakes around here are fine, but there is nothing
more beautiful than the waters around those islands. The water is blue and crystal
clear and you can see the fish swimming around you. No doubt she will have lots
of photos from the place where she was born (Freeport, Grand Bahama Island). I can't wait.