Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one thing leads to another

it is a tradition with anyone living in my birth country or visiting it. You simply
have to sit down in one of those typcial German cafes (not the internet ones or the
more blank and colder ones)....nope, you have to have your special typical cafe
and drink your coffee from thick white cups with a saucer under it, whipping cream in a pitcher standing beside it and order a piece of German Apfelkuchen or 'Kaesesahnetorte' or Pflaumenkuchen (plumcake) and plonk a good helping of
real whipping cream on top of it......Then you grab one of those sticks hanging on a
coat rack somewhere, attached to which is the daily newspaper...or some recent magazine....and you sit there....and sit and read....surrounded by likeminded people, quietly sipping their coffee and talking in quiet voices.....Let's not forget that the table
is always covered with a white and usually starched table cloth and the cutlery is NEVER plastic.....and the music plays softly in the background, something classical or semi classical, but never loud and overbearing. And if you have picked the right cafe, the waitress will be dressed appropriately: white blouse, black skirt with a tiny little pinny (apron) pinned to her skirt.....no grubby t-shirts or halter tops and shorts, not even bermude ones....and definitely NEVER a mouth full of chewing gum, but of course, a cup of coffee costs. You get what you pay for and all is relevant.

An almost Classical German Coffee Afternoon

(created by sabina)

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DogArtist said...

This is wonderful! I love your blogging...(lol) and the LO you posted with it goes perfectly!!
Looks grand :D