Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life seems to be dealing me some blows - it almost seems that I am too happy and then something happens to bring me down a few my dear daughter got married....not that I knew. No. Couldn't concentrate on scrapping today so I played around with my blog or what is supposed to be a blog. Sort of. I am pretty sure that when I finally get it done and looking almost respectable, I will more than likely remove most of what I rambled and ranted about.
See if I care! Ha.


DogArtist said...

It will get better Sabina...did you do this piece? It seems very appropriate here. :)

sabina said...

no, it's a drawing or painting I had in my stash from somewhere. I wished but it's not me nor anyone that I know of. I just posted it but I think I am going to replace it or just remove it eventually. I have to find something.
Thank you for your dear comment. OMG, are we busy or what????? lol.