Saturday, July 28, 2012

My dear friend, Marie Kay, is referring to the book I am compiling about my life. (see the posting from the day before with her sweet message) Researching my roots, genealogy, and writing has always been one of my passions, maybe the biggest passion and it was this that led me to digital art and scrapping. Having kept notes and diaries for so many years has made it easier to refresh my memory and keep to facts rather than making up stories which in the end would not represent me or my life.
Cleaning up my laptop, I found this email sitting in one of my folders. It was written way back some years ago when I first started scrapping and writing about my heritage and roots in DSP ( have kept it as a beacon to push me along to complete what has proven to be a monumental task,  but also painful memories.
Sweet Sabina,
I feel like a lurker. I went to the gallery this morning to post my Lo's and thought that I would take a peek at your Galleries. I want to tell you that you are indeed a miracle! Your life - your journey is a true inspiration to me. From the first time that I saw your Lo's this quote just screamed to me that I needed to send it to you. So here it is from my heart to yours.

"What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?
The world would split open."
(Muriel Rukeyser).

Allow your mouth to open and the truth to pour forth. Allow your fingers to keep telling the truth. Allow your heart to beat the truth! It is the gift that you have for all of us. How can anyone really understand the horrors of War but those that  had to live in it? The world needs to be split open. I pray for World Peace so that there will never again be a little child filled with the terror of it. Thank you dear soul for telling the truth and for being such a loving spirit!

If I am too personal, please accept my apology. I started going through your albums and I couldn't stop. I was completely captivated. I am so honored to know you and grateful for the twist of fate that brought you into my life.

I am sending you healing love to encircle you this morning.
Marie xxxxxx.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Friday, July 27, 2012

almost there

My husband has bittersweet memories watching the Olympic Games and I thought with the Opening today in London he would love to see these pages posted in my blog. I created those a few years ago but they really need to be revised and redesigned. (my early attempt at digital, hehe)......Our children have not seen them, also because I haven't sent the link to them for the blog - yet.....
you know how it is: you show something to the kids and the feedback might not
be exactly what you hoped for. (correction: my husband just told me that he was
running for the National Junior Championship in 1959), not the provincial, of course.

Silly me.

a long time ago but still remembered

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Grandmother

it was my grandmother's birthday a few days ago. Her birthday is two days before mine and I bought a single rose and placed it on one of her tablecloths that she had given to me years ago. The edges are beautifully finished with a wide crocheted border
and her maiden initials are in one of the corners. My grandmother taught me all there is
to know about knitting and crocheting and so much else. She has been a huge influence throughout my life, always reminding me to remain a 'lady' - no matter what. Though I have to admit I have not always been successful when being in the throws of a bad

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one thing leads to another

it is a tradition with anyone living in my birth country or visiting it. You simply
have to sit down in one of those typcial German cafes (not the internet ones or the
more blank and colder ones)....nope, you have to have your special typical cafe
and drink your coffee from thick white cups with a saucer under it, whipping cream in a pitcher standing beside it and order a piece of German Apfelkuchen or 'Kaesesahnetorte' or Pflaumenkuchen (plumcake) and plonk a good helping of
real whipping cream on top of it......Then you grab one of those sticks hanging on a
coat rack somewhere, attached to which is the daily newspaper...or some recent magazine....and you sit there....and sit and read....surrounded by likeminded people, quietly sipping their coffee and talking in quiet voices.....Let's not forget that the table
is always covered with a white and usually starched table cloth and the cutlery is NEVER plastic.....and the music plays softly in the background, something classical or semi classical, but never loud and overbearing. And if you have picked the right cafe, the waitress will be dressed appropriately: white blouse, black skirt with a tiny little pinny (apron) pinned to her grubby t-shirts or halter tops and shorts, not even bermude ones....and definitely NEVER a mouth full of chewing gum, but of course, a cup of coffee costs. You get what you pay for and all is relevant.

An almost Classical German Coffee Afternoon

(created by sabina)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Crazy for you

(created by sabina)
  the title says it all.....

Even though most of you have perhaps seen these pages in the gallery, I decided to upload them into my blog too. I think these are my best ones and /or I like them best of all and were published also. I created this one when I had seen a video on the hunger and poverty and people actually living out in tents in Virginia...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

well, surprise, surprise but my page called 'STOP' was put into the GSO. For those who do not know what GSO stands for it means 'Gallery Standouts' and it makes me
very proud.
It always does when I am made to realize that nothing goes unnoticed even when I think the galleries are sleeping at times - especially recently. What I particularly loved about it were a few comments about gun laws and freedom. We have both in most countries around the world and it just makes me wonder why Americans feel the need to carry around guns? So much tragedy, so much anger.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Be the change you wish to see in the world

I am a news junkie and of course this morning the news are of guns and shooting. AGAIN...  Is there a day or week with no shooting? I am against guns. Why, oh why do people need guns in North America ? I spent many years in countries where owning a gun is illegal. The hell with gun rights. Change the law and make sure these needless murders don't happen again. It's pathetic for a civilized country to allow this to happen.
It takes me back to my childhood and makes me sad. People really are sick.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little things

It really is the little things that mean a lot. Having lived life from one end of the scale to another I have been very steadfast in this perception. My Dad used to tell me that money was important and I used to reply that it was 'not to me', so many years later and my beloved Dad gone, I still say the same. It's the little 'things' that count. Like this photo taken with my DIL's phone whilst talking to me....(thank you, dear Kate)...
it's the little things that count

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

new additions in Geneva

and living happily in Geneva, Switzerland with Cristiano, our son.

    Part of the family and living happily in Geneva, Switzerland with Cristiano, my
    husband's son. There are two more but I guess they are not aware yet of the
    treats to be had.

oh, what a beautiful morning...

Created by Sabina 

ohhhhh, my morning is starting beautifully today. I woke up with a sense that perhaps the shingles are not going to get worse. Well, we have to think positive. And whilst having my porride and raisins, I wander into my latest passion aka 'blog' and there is a change. My header is centered, some irritating lines are gone and the logo of one of my dearest friends is blinking. Not only is she a great friend, but she is a great designer and artist in the digital scrapworld. 'Priss Designs'....And she has the most adorable children who keep me laughing on a constant basis. Thank you, dear sweet Laura.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I just have to run in here and tell about a message I had this morning which made all the difference to how I feel. I went to bed last night feeling sad and loaded and overburdened with troubles and then I read the loving message, I knew that I am not made me so grateful that I could cry. (drip drip, reaching for a tissue and blow my nose....)
I am so glad (so far) that I didn't make my blog private. I am usually paranoid about privacy and keeping things all to myself but no, this will be for sharing. Thank you all, again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the love of a mother

The love of a mother created by Sabina
On top of various serious health issues I have not felt well at all recently and thought it was just the heat. However, three days ago I discovered my left arm had bumps and red spots. So to keep it short: I have been diagnosed with a case of shingles. Taking anti viral meds now and hoping it won't get worse but the pain even when typing is debilitating. Grrrrrrr is all I can say or ughhhhhhh.
I should not be surprised though because stress is a major factor in triggering shingles and I have had plenty of stress recently. (see below one of my posts about my DD's unknown marriage)......
Determined to finish my book and keep marching on with various projects, praying that it won't get worse.

Friday, July 13, 2012

we are definitely still 'Under CONSTRUCTION' because I can't seem to
get the header working properly in the position I want it. Will have
to come back to it later because it bothers me looking at it being
squashed right under the top.
Oh, I should mention that I am hopeless with using a spell checker. I never used it before  and  never will. If I cannot spell properly on my own, shame on me after all the years of studying. So any mistakes you see, are just typos - I hope.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Corner of Paradise

I am reading 'Breakfast at Darcy's' by Ali McNamara and I made the mistake reading
it in bed. It's a comedy novel and her fabulous sense of humor made me laugh so much
I could not stop reading. Great book.
The picture below was published in Somerset Memories. I remember how excited I was then, and proud. Since then I have had numerous publications.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Arabella! I saved her life the first year she was with me, and she has been the joy of my life ever since.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Talked to Jane this morning for a long time. She lives in my beloved England and used to be my sister in law. I realized how much I love England and what I miss about it. Peace, simplicity..... got off the phone with tears.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life seems to be dealing me some blows - it almost seems that I am too happy and then something happens to bring me down a few my dear daughter got married....not that I knew. No. Couldn't concentrate on scrapping today so I played around with my blog or what is supposed to be a blog. Sort of. I am pretty sure that when I finally get it done and looking almost respectable, I will more than likely remove most of what I rambled and ranted about.
See if I care! Ha.